About Me

Hi, my full name is Thomas B. Clarke but you may call me Tom.

I have a problem: I'm interested in too many things.

As a Christian author, I concentrate on Biblical topics. My three books have very different themes: one is about the chiastic structure in the book of Joshua, the second is a topical categorization of the book of Proverbs, and the third book is for Christian women about flowers and love.

Book marketing experts have urged me to focus my writings on just one genre but I just can't seem to get there. I enjoy my life as a Christian.

Professionally I've been a school teacher (mathematics), carpenter, landscaper, and computer salesman. Most of my professional career was spent as a computer software developer. During that same time, I designed and maintained one of the largest prayer gardens in northeastern USA.

Since retirement, I've taken courses on photography and Photoshop so I can produce books with great photo quality. I've learned how to write my own webpages and am continually learning how to improve my skills as an independent publisher. I run a small landscaping design company that serves just a few local churches.

I love to dig into the Scriptures where I absolutely enjoy this Bible that God has given us.

I have a lot of energy but that can wear out my dear wife. We live in upstate New York in the Finger Lakes region. Sometimes I wonder how she puts up with my many passions.

Prayer Gardeners is the name of my ministry and I publish under the name Bible Discernments. My greatest passion is to enthusiastically tell others about the unique beauty that can be found through reading the Bible.

You may contact me at Tom@ThomasBClarke.com. I’m glad you stopped by.

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