Tom Clarke
Tom Clarke

Thomas B. Clarke, Author

"What is important is faith expressing itself as love." (Galatians 5:6)

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My name is Tom Clarke and I write Christian non-fiction materials with a focus on the alluring splendor of the Bible.

I love to expose my readers to aspects about the Bible that are well-established but possibly not well-known. To me there is a profound beauty in the inspired text that God has given us. My goal, whether writing about Old or New Testament topics, is for you to catch this strong desire to see more of that beauty in the Word of God.

My ESV Study Bible: Matthew 18 A question I always have to ask myself when reading the Bible is, ‘Why is it there?’ The answer I am looking for is a personal one, ‘How does it move me? Motivate me?’ What I get out of a portion of the text may well be different from you. My Bible Discernments and yours are both God's personal revelation to us individually from His written Word, the Bible. That is why people say the Bible is alive.

The topics that I present, when used appropriately, are tools to enhance your revelation.

Please feel free to read a bit about me, investigate my teaching topics, follow my blog, or check out my books. While each of us should be developing our own doctrines of what we believe, my purpose is not to teach doctrine but to teach techniques. Topics such as those presented here are inspiring to me – I pray they will increase your passion for the Bible.